About Us

At Park City Lawn Care we want you to know that we are the company for you when it comes to Lawn Care services! The dedication and hard work that goes into every Lawn Care job we do is reflected in the quality of it. Being that what we do will have an effect on people for years to come we make sure to do a “job well done”.

Our Lawn Care services such as Lawn care, Sprinkler Repair, Lawn Maintenance, Snow Plowing & Snow Removal have been a part of many Summit County residents for many years now!

Why choose Park City Lawn Care?

High Safety Standards

Customer Focus

Innovative Thinking

Affordable Pricing

Wide Range of Services

Our primary focus (aside from a job well done) is “you” the customer and Park City Lawn Care is built around that believe. Park City Lawn Care understands that our reputation depends on what our focus is and our ability to help you achieve your goals through our services on time and on budget. From field workers to office staff, we keep in mind that an honest and timely communication policy is very important so don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us know your needs.